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Huachuan will hold a 2019 working meeting

On January 29, 2019, Chengduchuan Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. held a 2019 work meeting. The deputy director of the company engineers and middle-level cadres a total of more than 80 people participated in this meeting.

At the meeting, the main leaders of each unit of the company and the deputy directors and engineers made reports on the 2018 production and management situation, the main problems existing in the work, and the work measures in 2019. The deputy general managers, senior advisors, and chief experts made special presentations.
Zhangxiaobing, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee of the company, pointed out that there are many bright spots in the 2018 work, but it also reflects some problems. To address these issues, we must earnestly grasp the market development and ensure the comprehensive and healthy development of the four markets; Second, we must do a good job of technological innovation and strengthen the foundation of the company's development. Third, we must effectively improve efficiency and ensure that the profit target is achieved; Fourth, we must earnestly improve the quality of products and establish a good image of Huachuan; Fifth, we must earnestly improve the quality of management and completely eliminate management blind areas. Sixth, we must carry forward the spirit of hard work, practice economy, live a hard life and live a tight life. And signed with each department the management target responsibility letter.
Party secretary and chairman Genghuixiong summed up the company's work in 2018 at the meeting, pointed out the situation facing the company, and asked each unit to consolidate the idea of high-quality development and further promote the "365" promotion of the quality of group companies. And we must fight the "three major battles", implement the "three major breakthroughs," consolidate the "three major guarantees," and achieve "four enhancements."

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